Services / Rates

  • Puppy socialisation classes are also held at Four Paws and One to one dog training for individual needs.
  • Training available Mon, Wed & Fri booking is essential.
  • 24-hour vet on call if needed.
  • Full grooming service.
  • Collection and delivery service.
  • Overnight stay for dogs €15
  • Overnight stay for cats €10
  • Doggy Day Care €10 Per day

Wedding Day Packages

If on your special day you would like your fur baby weather cat or dog in your wedding photos we can arrange it by taking them to your wedding destination for the photo shoot and then look after them at four paws during the wedding celebrations.


Get a portrait of your fur baby burned onto wood makes a stunning keepsake or a lovely present.



Have your own personal charm made out of your own cats or dogs hair these charms are made to extremely high quality and make a beautiful piece of jewellery that is unique to you fits perfectly on the pandora bracelet.

Pet Taxi

Pet taxi now available at Four paws kennels available to bring your pets to the vets or various appointments whilst you are at work or if you have no transport leave it to us and we’ll be there for you. This service has to be booked in advance



Treat your beloved fur baby to their very own pet friendly birthday cake or cupcakes made to order with animal safe ingredients let them feel special on their special day.

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